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 ReImagine Aging

     Out with "old" and in with What's Next!


Discover Empowered Aging

As part of the Connections™ Learning series, the Creating What's Next™ workshop explores aging with a new lens. The video-based, interactive program allows individuals to explore the skills of empowered aging and build a framework for bringing them alive in their own lives. 

ResilienceEmpowerment, Connection.

Real Stories. Real Wisdom.  

A New Path Forward for Aging.

Creating What's Next™ uses documentary film and self-reflective exercises to help people explore an innovative approach to aging. It's uplifting, inspiring, and most of all, fun!  


Flexible Formats and Delivery Methods


The online platform is easy to use and individuals experience the program at their own pace.  


The program is also easy to deliver in a group setting. Bring your people together and enjoy lively discussion!

Facilitate with Ease

Think bookclub, only BETTER!  Facilitate groups easily, whether virtually or in-person.  A facilitation guide is included.


How Creating What's Next™ Impacts Lives

"This program made me jump start my plans for aging and highlighted how much I need to do to prepare for the next steps. It was easy. I loved the people in the video, very relatable. The program was very linear and kept my interest."

"I am at the tail end of the Baby Boomer generation, but this program was thought provoking. It was easy to take, kept my interest, and I was definitely inspired to plan for my future."

"Loved it and learned so much. All should do this at any age."