Connections™ Learning Series

 Connections™ is a transformative learning series for older adults and those who care for them. Our programs help individuals focus on what matters most. They are inspirational and self-reflective for optimal personal growth. They improve health and well-being by fostering healthy behaviors and positive attitudes.

Wellness & Eldercare Solutions

Our workshops and seminars help families navigate and understand a complex long-term care network. Our programs are well-suited for community groups, employee benefit programs, corporations and faith-based organizations.


Healthy aging and strong social connections create opportunities to grow older with vitality and vibrancy.

Vistalynk is committed to changing the way we view aging. We believe that every person has value regardless of age. We believe that aging is not only growing in years, but also in depth and experience. We believe that every stage of life provides something for us and asks something from us. And we believe that each of us, whatever our age, can reap the rewards of a culture that values and includes it eldest members. We welcome you to join us in kicking “old” to the curb. Together, we can Create What’s Next!


Loved it and learned so much – all should do this despite the age. It has given a sense of grace and dignity to a "dreaded" role in life. This series was important - salient to my personal, as well as professional development. Calm, intelligent, inspiring presentation.