Aging is Everyone’s Future

Imagine a World

where older adulthood is understood as a pinnacle stage of life. ‘Where outdated expectations of demise and diminishment have fallen away and life for elders is that of participation, wellbeing and choice. ‘Where systems value their wisdom, invest in their health, and build infrastructure to support the diversity of their lives. And imagine still that caregiving for older adults has become supported, a privilege, an activity of many rather than of too few. That day is dawning. Innovation and partnership are here. From living rooms to board rooms, we’re expecting better for the future of aging.

With us, you can give older adults and caregivers the building blocks to reimagine and reinvent their lives

The Connections™ Learning Series

Enables older adults and caregivers to take charge of their vitality, resilience, and passion, connect with others like them, shape their lives, and ensure their wellbeing.

How the Connections™ Series Impacts Lives

“Loved it and learned so much! All should this series regardless of age.”

“This series is very important. Salient to my personal, as well as professional development.”

“This program allowed me to take a look at how my caregiving experience was taking over my life. I need balance and this program brought that to life.”