VistaLynk is committed to changing the way we experience aging and caregiving. We believe that every person has value regardless of age. We believe that aging is not only growing in years, but also in depth and experience. We believe that every stage of life provides something for us and asks something from us. And we believe that each of us, whatever our age, can reap the rewards of a culture that values and includes its eldest members. Healthy aging and strong social connections create opportunities to grow older with vitality and vibrancy.


Molly Prues, M.A. Gerontology

Founder & CEO

Molly is a gerontologist and has over 25 years of experience working with older adults and their families. In addition to her professional work with families, she journeyed alongside her mother for 12 years, as a caregiver and daughter. Molly founded VistaLynk to promote awareness and develop solutions to reframe our vision of aging and caregiving.

Molly works continuously to develop trainings to better prepare professionals from various fields to better understand and address the unique needs of older adults. In addition, she is passionate about empowering older adults and their families. She delivers workshops and seminars in the community to educate individuals and family caregivers on how to access supportive services for themselves and their loved ones.

In 2017, Molly worked on a task force formed by the City of Cincinnati to help Cincinnati become an AARP Livable Community. She developed a 70-page plan to educate local officials and community leaders on the benefits of becoming an AARP Livable Community, as well provided a detailed analysis of the City's resources and community assets available to support the initiative.

Molly is a member of the Gerontological Society of America and the American Society on Aging. She is the author of Caring for One Another: A Practical Guide to Caregiving™.

Paula C. Sellars, M.S.W.

President & Director of Curriculum Development

Paula is an expert in adult learning, training development, and training delivery, particularly in the area of large-scale social change. She listens for your mission and helps you tell your story to widen your engagement and impact.

Paula is the originator of an award-winning training method called Docutraining® which integrates documentary style film, practical behavioral directives, and human empowerment training to produce reliable behavior change, particularly in the area of public health. She has 18 years of curriculum development expertise, across cultures. She understands the intersection of the non-profit ecosystem and the need for business mindset, and has depth of experience with beneficiary and donor engagement. She is also a personal development and entrepreneurial coach.

As creator of Docutraining®️, she is a film producer and director, content editor, and on-screen talent. Of particular note, she is creator and author of an award-winning child sexual abuse prevention curriculum, Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children®, which can be found across our 50 states and in 17 countries internationally. This Docutraining®️ won the United Nations Foundation’s Classy Top 5 Award in 2014 in the area of child rights. It has been proven in over nine research studies to produce reliable behavioral change at scale. Most significantly, the Centers for Disease Control’s National Center of Victims of Crime proved its effectiveness for behavioral change in a full experimental, longitudinal design study across the U.S. It was found to have a positive contagion effect to untrained participants, due to the interactional nature of its behavior change, a very positive outcome for public health application. In short, it has shifted the paradigm of youth protection in youth serving environments across the country and is being replicated internationally. It has won a Telly Award for training quality, and numerous other awards in the child welfare industry. Both of Vistalynk’s Docutrainings®️ utilize the same evidence-informed training methodology and are expected to yield equivalent behavioral change and impact our approach to aging and caregiving.

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