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Caregiving can be a wild ride. It brings a steady stream of needs, changes of plan, appointments and emergencies. One thing’s for sure – it almost always draws our attention away from ourselves. Long-term, that can erode our health, work, recreation and relationships. But caregiving is also some of the most fulfilling and growth producing work we can do. Join us for an enriching program that will support and restore you. Through real-life stories, self-reflection exercises and interaction with other caregivers, you’ll learn five critical skills, that will get you back in touch with you.

Re-build your self-care. Develop your resilience. Create boundaries where you need them. Explore new ways of communicating with your loved one. Establish new partnerships. And discover that you really are growing as a person.

Take the course on-demand, at your own pace. It is a program rich in wisdom that will allow you to view caregiving in a whole new light. Join the Connections™ community today!

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Aging is not a path of demise no matter how much that’s been drilled into us. Aging can be about self-determination, freedom, and discovery. Join us for this dynamic program that will change your experience of what aging can be. Through real-life stories and compelling self-reflection, you’ll widen your lens about the life you want to lead as you age. You’ll use six dynamic skills that will support your health, relationships, and your growth.

Take the course on-demand, at your own pace. It is a program rich in wisdom that will challenge you the way you think about aging. We hope you join the Connections™ community today!

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"I am at the tail end of the Baby Boomer generation, but this program was thought provoking. It was easy to take, kept my interest, and I was definitely inspired to plan for my future."

"I have an aging husband and I know that caregiving will be on my path soon. The program helped me prepare for the issues I may face and it drove home the point that a caregiver has to care for themselves too."

"This program made me jump start my plans for aging and highlighted how much I need to do to prepare for the next steps. It was easy. I loved the people in the video, very relatable."

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