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ReNew Caregiving

It takes Changing of Perspectives


Discover Empowered Caregiving

As part of the Connections™ Learning series, Changing Perspectives™ empowers caregivers and care receivers to navigate the experience of caring together.

Adaptability, Empowerment, Partnership.

Real Stories. Real Wisdom.  

A New Path Forward for Caregiving.

Changing Perspectives™ uses real-life stories, evidence-informed skills, and self-reflective exercises to create a new approach to personal wellbeing as Caregivers. It's inspiring, uplifting, and and empowering!  



How Changing Perspectives™ Impacts Lives 

"I’ve joined a support group for caregivers. I’ve made a plan to hire home healthcare when the time comes. I’ve arranged a meeting with our attorney to make sure everything is in place for the progression of Andy’s disease."

"I am a caregiver for my husband with Alzheimer’s. I have chosen to embrace this new journey with him and plan to enjoy every moment we have left. We continue to walk our dog together and listen to our favorite operas. I have been surrounding myself with support from my kids and I’ve been gardening for my peace of mind."

"We joined a class at the senior center for patients and caregivers to learn yoga. I am continuing to volunteer at a non-profit to organize next year’s 5K run. I’m also taking a course to complete my real estate license."