Recognizing Psychosocial Needs as Clinical Gaps in Care

Sea Change

There’s a sea change happening across our health care delivery system. A fundamental change from disease care to health promotion.


That change is rooted in growing partnerships between health plans, providers and community-based organizations – building psychosocial determinants of health in the people they serve.

Behavior Change

Interventions that impact psychosocial determinants of health improve social factors as well as one’s mind, emotions and resultant behaviors.

Personal determinants and social factors dramatically influence health outcomes.

Whether caring for aging relatives or navigating older age with fortitude, people need guidance during important times in their lives. VistaLynk enables you to foster the wellbeing of older adults and family caregivers in your care.

Family Caregiving
Webinar Series

You can choose a stand-alone webinar experience or build a seminar series of your own with selected topics for older adults and caregivers.


Connections™ Learning

The Connections™ Learning Series gives older adults and caregivers a framework for building the personal determinants of health.   


Other Resources

Whether planning for later life or caring for an older loved one, our Guides contain practical information and helpful checklists to make the process easier.


VistaLynk is committed to changing the way we view aging and caregiving. We believe that every person has value regardless of age. We believe that aging is not only growing in years, but also in depth and experience.

If you have questions or would like any customized support please contact us.



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