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The Domains of Empowered Aging

As part of the Connections™ Learning series, Creating What's Next™ explores aging with a new lens. The program allows individuals to explore certain skills of empowered aging and build a framework for bringing them alive in their own lives. 

ResilienceEmpowerment, Connection.

Those are just a few of the benefits of the program.

Real Stories. Real Wisdom.  

A New Path Forward for Aging.

Creating What's Next
™ uses documentary-style film, evidence-informed skills and self-reflective exercises to help people explore an innovative approach to aging.  It's uplifting, inspiring, and most of all, fun!  

3.5 CE hours for Activity Professionals $50.00



Our methodology is a two-fold approach, using Docutraining®️ design and evidence-informed skills. 


Docutraining®️ is a story-driven film with a training function. Connections: Creating What’s Next™️ employs six domains of vital, resilient aging.  Connections: Changing Perspectives™️ uses 5 domains for wellbeing and growth in family caregiving. Structured learning objectives reinforce retention and uptake. Interactivity generates a plan for growth and change. Ultimately, professionals who take the course may decide to lead the course for the elders and caregivers they serve. A Facilitation Guide enables them to lead training groups with ease. 

Connections: Creating What's Next™ Evidence White Paper


Our evidence-Informed foundation is also two-fold. The domains of healthy aging caregiving come from proprietary behavior change technology which was proven in a national public health intervention in a randomized control, longitudinal study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Positive behavior change and a positive contagion effect were both documented. And, each of the domains is supported by independent evidence in healthy aging family caregiving literature.

Connections: Changing Perspectives™ Evidence White Paper

The Domains of Empowered Caregiving

As part of the Connections™ Learning series, Changing Perspectives™ empowers caregivers and care receivers to navigate the experience of caring together.

Adaptability, Empowerment, Partnership.

Those are just a few of the benefits of the program.

Real Stories. Real Wisdom.
A New Path Forward for Caregiving.

Changing Perspectives™ uses documentary-style film, evidence-informed skills, and self-reflective exercises to teach a new approach to personal wellbeing as Caregivers. It's inspiring, uplifting, and empowering!

3.0 CE hours for Activity Professionals $45.00




Want the Best of Both Worlds?

Get even more CE credits! Complete both programs in the Connections Learning Series™️

6.5 CE hours for Activity Professionals



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