Caregivers in an Employee Resource Group share a primary need – camaraderie with others who are walking a similar road. But they also need to develop their resilience, rebuild their self-care, create boundaries, problem solve, expand their caregiving team to spread the work around, and communicate proactively with care recipients and other family members.

The Connections™ Learning Series gives Caregiving ERG’s a framework for tackling some of the most difficult interpersonal challenges of family caregiving. An on-demand program gives them skills for the daily challenges of caregiving, and a ‘Discovery Group Format’ gives them a structure to self-lead focused group conversations for support and problem-solving.

Give your caregiving employees a personal growth mindset that they can use on their caregiving journey, and it will pay dividends in their life and their work.

Changing Perspectives™ allows employees to experience caregiving through a new lens of optimism, realness, and self-esteem. This program enables caregivers to rebuild their self-care, strengthen their resilience, navigate important conversations, build supportive partnerships, and gain support in the difficult journey of family caregiving.

Creating What's Next ™ reveals the secret sauce to aging well. Through real stories, personal exercises and community conversation, family caregivers can learn to support the skills for aging well in their parents and loved ones. Caregivers gain more collaboration with the older adults in their lives, more understanding of their life stage, more freedom, and more peace of mind.


Other Options for Leading Edge Support for Employee Resource Groups

Family Caregiving Webinar Series

You can choose a stand-alone webinar experience or build a seminar series of your own with selected topics your employees need.


Other Resources Available

Whether planning for later life or caring for an older loved one, our Guides contain practical information and helpful checklists to make the process easier.



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Connections™ Learning Series

Creating What's Next
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