Caregiving infrastructure supports gender equity


Child-care and long-term care were often unaffordable and inaccessible, and women were filling the gaps at tremendous cost to their economic potential.


1 in 4 women are considering downshifting their careers or leaving their jobs at rates not seen since 1986, with serious costs to company culture.


The unemployment rate for Black and Latina women is hovering around 9% with caregiving as a significant driver.

The Connections™ Learning Series

Programs built to foster employee well-being and strengthen your bottom line

On-Demand and In-Person Workshops for your Employees

Give Them Poise Under Pressure

Caregiving brings a steady stream of needs, appointments, changes of plan, and emergencies. Long-term, that can erode our health, work, recreation and relationships. But caregiving is also some of the most fulfilling and growth producing work we can do. Your employees can learn five critical skills, that will leave them more empowered and less at the effect of caregiving.

They’ll rebuild their self-care. Develop their resilience. Create boundaries and strategies where they need them. Master new ways of communicating with loved ones. Establish caregiving partnerships that spread the work around. And they’ll feel their passion growing again – for their work and their life.

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Give Their Elders a New Lease on Life

Caring about your employees means caring about their loved ones. And when elders are healthy and purposeful, their daily need for their caregivers decreases. Older adults can learn six dynamic skills that improve their health and wellbeing and connect them to their own fulfillment. They can redefine what it means to age well, and grow in contribution to the families and communities.

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Host in-person or virtual events to enhance connection with your employees. You lead employees through the Connections™ program. A facilitation guide makes it super easy for you. Request a quote to license the program materials.

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Let us speak at your next virtual or in-person employee event. We can lead employees through the Connections™ program or provide an informative seminar on an important caregiving or retirement topic. Let's schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

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Additional Resources to Support Your Employees

Caring for One Another: A Practical Guide to Caregiving™

This 62-page guide offers practical information on the many dimensions of caring for older adults. From exploring living arrangements to caring for a loved one with dementia, Caring for One Another™ walks caregivers through the steps necessary to navigate complex issues of caregiving and create a plan of care. It also provides meaningful advice on self-care practices so that caregivers can maintain health and wellbeing as they care for others.

Navigating the Road Ahead: Planning for Care in Later Life™

This 55-page guide offers practical information on how to begin planning for later life. From financial considerations and living arrangements to social and emotional wellbeing, The Road Ahead™ walks older adults through the steps necessary to navigate and create a plan for aging. In addition, The Road Ahead™ provides meaningful advice on how to include family and loved ones as partners in the process.

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