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Recognizing Psychosocial Needs as Clinical Gaps in Care

Sea Change

There’s a sea change happening across our health care delivery system. A fundamental change from disease care to health promotion.


That change is rooted in growing partnerships between health plans, providers and community-based organizations – building psychosocial determinants of health in the people they serve.

Behavior Change

Interventions that impact psychosocial determinants of health improve social factors as well as one’s mind, emotions and resultant behaviors.

Personal determinants and social factors dramatically influence health outcomes.

The Connections™ Learning Series

The programs that support older adults and caregivers to build personal determinants of health and improve health outcomes.

Creating What's Next 

Aging is not a progression toward declining participation and ill health, even if that’s been drilled into us. Though change will happen, health, vitality and purpose are possible. Creating What’s Next™️ inspires and teaches the fundamentals of psychosocial health in older age. They’ll use six dynamic skills to build their health, resilience, connectivity, and purposefulness in their everyday life.

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Changing Perspectives 

Caregiving brings a steady stream of needs, appointments, changes of plan, and emergencies. It continuously draws our attention away from ourselves and our own needs. Long-term, that can erode our health, work, recreation and relationships. But caregiving is also some of the most fulfilling and growth producing work we can do. Changing Perspectives™️ supports and restores caregivers. They’ll learn five critical skills to re-build their self-care, develop their resilience, create strategies and boundaries where they need them, explore new ways of communicating with loved ones, establish new partnerships, and discover that wellbeing and caregiving can co-exist.

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Assessment Tools

Healthcare providers can use the Assessment Tool for each program to evaluate key indicators of psychosocial wellbeing in older adults and family caregivers.

Flexible Delivery Options

On-Demand Access

Provide online access to the Connections™ program that people can experience independently.

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License & Lead the Program

Host in-person or virtual events to enhance connection with people. You lead individuals through the Connections™ program. A facilitation guide makes it super easy for you. Request a quote to license the program materials.

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Workshops Lead by Us

We can lead people through the Connections™ program in virtual workshops. Let's schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

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Why Choose the Connections™ Programs

  • Scalable across organizations
  • Proven, proprietary technology of behavior change skills
  • Practical indicators of psychosocial determinants of health (PSDoH)
  • Increases resilience, purpose in life, social connectedness, choice and optimism
  • Likely to reduce healthcare utilization costs
  • Easy facilitation with Facilitation Guide


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