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How to Know When a Loved One Needs Help

Helping a loved one maintain independence is important. Knowing when a loved one needs help can be difficult, and making changes is often a nuanced process. This workshop helps caregivers recognize the signs that a loved one needs help and explores ways to provide assistance while maintaining independence.

When a Loved One Resists Care

Sometimes loved ones refuse to accept support even when they need it. This workshop will help caregivers consider the underlying reasons for resistance to care, provide strategies to improve collaboration, and teach ways to practice self-care and set boundaries while caregiving.

Navigating the Emotions of Caregiving

Caregiving can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person’s life. It can also be one of the most challenging. This workshop will explore the range of emotions experienced as a caregiver and provide techniques to navigate emotions with more grace and self-care.

Finding Your Caregiving Strengths

Although we often don’t recognize it, caregiving is a superpower. This workshop will help caregivers discover and own their strengths and leverage those strengths in the caregiving relationship. It will also help caregivers recognize areas where they may need some strategic support.

Building on Our Strengths: A Teamwork Mentality for Families

Supporting an aging parent or loved one takes teamwork. This workshop helps caregivers and their family members understand their individual strengths and talents to become a more cohesive team as they care for a loved one.

Setting Boundaries

Caregivers are often good at caring for others but not as good about caring for themselves. One way to practice self-care is to be able to set boundaries. This workshop will help caregivers explore ways to set limits on the things that drain their time and energy, as well as to learn how to say “no” to things that don’t serve them.

Dementia: Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms

Is a loved one suffering from memory loss or is it just normal forgetfulness? This workshop helps caregivers recognize the signs and symptoms of dementia so that they will be better able to help a loved who is struggling with memory loss.

Navigating the Medical System

The medical system is complex and has many layers of sophistication. That complexity makes it difficult for individuals to navigate or advocate for a loved one. This workshop will provide techniques to help older adults and their caregivers be more effective in the hospital or at the doctor’s office.

Protect Your Loved One from Elder Fraud

Older adults are often preyed upon by fraudsters not because they are incompetent, but because they have accumulated wealth worth stealing. This workshop will highlight some of the latest scams to be aware of and provide strategies to help a loved one avoid being taken advantage of.

Adapting to Change. What’s the process for adults and caregivers?

Later life can be a time marked by significant changes. Sometimes these changes are losses, and other times they are adaptations one must make to maintain independence and well-being. This webinar offers strategies for navigating change with grace and grit. It also teaches some fundamental attitudes that create a positive experience of aging.

Understanding the Long-Term Care Landscape

The system of long-term care support and services is complex and fragmented. This workshop will explore the many sources of care and support for older adults, along with the cost and requirements for qualification.

Technology: Aging in the New Age

This workshop explores some of the latest technologies and assistive advances that allow older adults to live safely and remain connected to their communities.

Six Domains of Aging Well

Later life can be a time of creativity, resilience and being on-purpose. This workshop offers six fundamental skills and attitudes that form the foundation of a healthy and fulfilled older age.

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Connections™ Learning Series

The Connections™ Learning Series gives older adults and caregivers a framework for building the personal determinants of health.   


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