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Voting Tips for Election Day

Oct 29, 2018

With midterm elections in one week, it is important for voters to plan ahead, while they can. Following are voting tips for those who wish to cast their ballots on Election Day on Nov. 6, 2018.
Make sure you:

  1. Are registered to vote. There are numerous websites where you can check your voter registration status.
  2. Know where your designated voting location is. This can change from time to time. Ohio voters can check on voter registration status and designated voting location. If you’re from a different state, just go to your secretary of state’s website which you can find by doing a web search. You can also find your polling location here along with other important information about elections.
  3. Know what you need to bring with you in order to vote. Don’t show up empty-handed. Different states require different things. You can look up what your state requires.
  4. Can get to your voting location whether by car, public transportation, walking or biking. Uber offers free rides to and from polling locations in most states. Some restrictions may apply. Lyft also offers discounted rides to and from polling locations.
  5. Know what time polls open and close. Each state differs. You can find yours here.
  6. Set aside enough time during poll hours to cast your votes. This may mean voting on your lunch break or leaving earlier in the morning and getting to the polls before work. Either way, plan ahead so it’s not a last-minute decision. Sometimes, it’s fastest to go mid-afternoon or mid-morning, when fewer people are at polls.
  7. Prepare ahead of time by reading about and studying the candidates and issues. There’s nothing worse than showing up on voting day and not knowing anything about the candidates and issues listed before you. We have the power to make informed choices based on information provided through reading the news, watching televised debates, and attending events where candidates speak. Don’t wait until the day of the election to learn more about the candidates and issues. If you are of older age, you may want to check out AARP’s article on voting for seniors to ensure you pay attention to the issues that will likely affect you. You can even see a what your ballot will entail ahead of time and learn about the candidates and issues.

In this day and age of technology and information, people have fewer excuses for not being informed prior to voting. Countless resources exist online to help people through the process. Should you run into issues that violate your rights as a voter, you have the power to report it.