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Post-Holidays Depression

Jan 11, 2020

Many people have a love – hate relationship with the holidays. They may look forward to dazzling light displays, gift exchanges, or time with friends and family. While the holidays can exhaust the best of us,  January and February can feel never-ending. We may feel a dip in the serotonin levels due to loneliness, lack of activities to look forward to or cold, dark weather. We can feel isolated if we don’t make a conscious effort to see friends and family. It’s especially difficult for older adults who already struggle to walk, drive or get out of the house, regardless of the weather.

If you or a loved one can’t shake the blues and find daily activities of living difficult (bathing, dressing, toileting, eating), become tearful, irritable, lose or gain weight or struggle with sleep, depression may be the cause. The good news is depression is treatable.

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