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Family Caregiving

Sep 17, 2018

Older adults often rely on their families for support. However, the role of families in the care of their loved ones presents complexities. The family structure has changed over the last several decades. Families are smaller. Older adults have fewer children to rely on for care in later years. Also, families spread out geographically, making hands-on care more difficult. In addition, the economic downturn in the last decade has significantly decreased the resources available for financial support of aging loved ones.

Many caregivers put their own fiscal well-being in jeopardy by assuming the financial responsibility of others, not to mention the toll caregiving takes on emotional and physical well-being due to ongoing intensive caregiving responsibilities. This additional burden stresses many caregivers, as they struggle to keep up with working and raising their own families.

The services and programs VistaLynk provides an attempt to help families so they can better help their aging loved ones, feel less mystified and more confidently address their needs.