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COVID can’t stop the holidays-Gift Ideas for Older Adults

This year’s gift giving is going to take a little more imagination. We can all admit this holiday season will not be the same as in years past but you can still make it special for the older adults in your life. Now more than ever they need to feel appreciated. So…we searched for some […]

Moving Toward Strength-Based Aging

My mom will be 80 years old this November. So, as the pandemic unfolded, I was pretty worried about her; and my brother was too, so much so that in the 48-hour period before , we ‘asked’ her to pack up lock, stock and barrel and move to his house. She was blindsided;

Post-Holidays Depression

Many people have a love – hate relationship with the holidays. They may look forward to dazzling light displays, gift exchanges, or time with friends and family. While the holidays can exhaust the best of us,  January and February can feel never-ending. We may feel a dip in the serotonin levels due to loneliness, lack […]

Caregiving & Holidays: Part II

Here, we provide Part II of our Caregiving and Holidays blog. If you missed Part I, check it out. As we continue to explore this topic, depression cannot go without addressing. Caregiving and Depression Caregiving for aging loved ones during the holidays can bring us joy as well as sadness and pain. It can contribute […]

Caregiving & Holidays: Part I

Many people struggle with emotions during the holidays, especially those who care for aging loved ones. The days get shorter and media messages create a false sense of the “perfect” holiday experience to which many cannot relate. We can enjoy the holiday season by celebrating our lives and those we love. Stress & Holidays Stress, […]

Use Time Wisely Over the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, consider using your extended time wisely with family. We don’t mean catching up on work emails during visits with your aging relatives. Use this quality time to take stock of aging loved ones’ health, safety and wellbeing. Daily Activities of Living You can observe aging relatives’ health, safety and wellbeing […]

Help Reduce Fall Risks This Fall

Falls are the leading cause of injury and death among older adults. That said, we can protect ourselves and our loved ones by making small changes to reduce the risks of falling. Reducing the risks of falls for seniors is important for a number of reasons. Think about it. For a young person in their […]

How The Heat Can Hurt…Especially The Elderly

The dog days of Summer have arrived for those in the Midwest. The humidity has risen and so have temps. Staying cool can pose a challenge, particularly for those who work outdoors. For the elderly, Summer heat can be downright dangerous. Think about it, older adults often exercise less which means poorer blood circulation and […]

Caregivers Serve Multiple Roles

Many of us experience life as caregivers at one time or another. Whether we must attend to our younger siblings at an early age, provide for our own children, our partners, neighbors, parents, family members or patients—we find ourselves in the position of taking care of another person. Caregiver Role Our role as caregiver may […]

Got summer plans? Try this for a change!

Many families begin to think about their summer plans in Spring. Summer jobs for students, neighborhood pools, family trips to the beach or lake, and camping may appear on your Summer bucket list. But have you considered volunteering? As you plan your Summer, consider giving back to your elderly community. Volunteer at a local senior […]