How Many Caregivers Are Out There? Part 2 of Caregivers and Who They Are

In the United States alone, nearly 43.5 million households are involved in providing care to a loved one age 50 or older.  Between 6 and 7 million friends, family, and neighbors provide assistance with daily activities to persons over age 65.  14.9 million provide care to older persons suffering from dementia.  These numbers will continue to rise, as the population of older adults grows into the future. Continue reading

Are You A Caregiver? Part 1 of Caregivers and Who They Are

Do you help someone keep their house clean, go shopping, keep track of the checking account, or organize medications each week?  If you are currently involved in such a relationship, or ever have been, then you may be a caregiver.

You are a Caregiver if You

  • Help someone clean their house
  • Keep track of a checking account
  • Organize medications
  • Help with grocery shopping
  • Give rides to the doctor Continue reading

Caregivers and Who They Are

Caregivers and Who They Are is a seven-part series of blogs, created to discuss caregivers, who they are and what they do. This series will help people understand the realities of caregivers. Some of the topics will  focus on how to identify caregivers, and to help readers understand what kinds of things caregivers do for their loved ones.

What we will discover

  • Learn about caregivers and the work they do.
  • Understand the realities associated with this work and role.
  • Think about how this pertains to you.